Before & After School Care

Before and After School Care

We're Ready when you are!

We want to make sure we are serving the needs of all families in our communities. If you are interested in using Before & After School care at one of our locations click below!

Literacy Program

Literacy has the power to bring the world together

A literacy program contains all the components necessary for you to master reading and writing. However, some literacy programs are more effective than others. Today’s students are expected to master the same skills that you did, but at an earlier age.

Literacy Program

Life Skills

Essential Life Skills to Help Your Child Succeed!

Incorporate Life Skills into your child’s daily routine. Some of our Fundamental life skills: Critical Thinking, Self-Control and Focus, Communication, Taking on Challenges, Engaged Learning and Peer to Peer Connections.

Music & Dance, Arts & Crafts, Financial Literacy

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